Club Meetings

Our club meetings take place every Friday and Saturday, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Each Club meeting has a matching entry in our forum where you can see what systems will be played and it's easiest to send us a message there to give us time to prepare something for you.

Food and drink

Bringing and consuming own food and drink is permitted. It is also possible to buy some snacks and drinks locally, and thereby supporting our club.


Please note that usually, play sessions are held in German. If you want to play English sessions, please notify us beforehand, using the thread with the corresponding date in the "Aktivitäten im Vereinslokal" section of our forum.

Club rounds, Characters and Campaigns

You can easily find People to play with at one of our Club Meetings where there are usually willing Gamemasters to provide entertainment for all people present. Usually these games either use one of the many published adventures from our big library or they have something invented specially for that days session. Many members keep their characters even after the session has ended which leads to In Game Friendships that span years. Something usually only possible in long lasting campaigns, this means playing those characters never is wasted time.

Should you be interested in being a Gamemaster yourself, you can be assured that there are Gamemasters that are willing to lend a helping hand and also a bunch of players ready to join. If you want to be sure that there are people to play with, just hop on over to the forum and tell us what you have in mind.

If you already have an entourage of friends you want to play with, just tell us in the forum when you want to visit us.